Child Development

  • 28 Weeks

    28 Weeks
    Baby weighs 2 pounds 6 ounces. Practices breathing and begins kicking.
  • 32 Weeks

    32 Weeks
    Baby weighs about 4 pounds. A layer of fat is forming under the skin. Baby will gain up to half its birth weight between now and delivery. Eyeteeth are present. The baby can open and close eyes.
  • 36 Weeks

    36 Weeks
    The baby is about 12.5 inches 32 cm. and weighs about 5.5 pounds. The brain has been developing rapidly. The baby can relate to the mood of the mother. Lungs are nearly fully developed. Baby moves less due to tight space. The head is usually positioned down into the pelvis by now. The heart begins to pump 300 gallons of blood a day.
  • Baby is born

    Baby is born
    Baby is born
  • 1 month

    1 month
    Can respond to sounds, can see black and white patterns, stares at faces, and follows objects.
  • 2 months

    2 months
    Can vocalize more sounds, smiles and laughs in response, and can roll on its side.
  • 3 months

    3 months
    Recognizes your face, holds head steady, can roll over and push themselves up with their arms.
  • 4 months

    4 months
    Imitates sounds, and able to pick up toys. Develops a specific attachment to the mother.
  • 5 months

    5 months
    Recognizes their own name, may begin to cut their first tooth, and starts to laugh loud.
  • 6 months

    6 months
    Turns toward sounds, blows bubbles, sits with lil support, begins to put objects in their mouth and begins to eat solid foods.
  • 7 months

    7 months
    Begins to crawl, pulls themselves up usinf furniture, uses finger and thumb combination to pick things up, bangs things together and sits without support and changes postions.
  • 10 months

    10 months
    Understands yes and no, responds to their name, and can say mama an dada. Fear begins to play a role. A fear of strangers starts and seperation anxiety begins. Knows thats things take away still exist and begins to look for them. Ex. a toy taken away and hidden.
  • 1 year old

    1 year old
    Able to walk, can drink from a cup and able to say 5 to 10 words.
  • 2 years old

    2 years old
    Sensorimotor stage ends and Preoperational stage begins. A one-dimensional thinking process takes place. The inabilty to see another persons point of view comes into place as well. Shares their toys with other, can dress themselves and able to balance on one foot.
  • 7 years old

    7 years old
    Child begins to show signs of adult thinking. The concrete-operational stage. Can focus on two dimensional objects.