By bbta320
  • My grandma was born. (on my dad's side)

  • My dad was born.

  • My mom was born.

  • I was born in Fort Hood, Texas near Killeen, Texas.

  • I started walking.

  • I learned to talk.

  • Moved from Killeen,Tx to Irving,Tx.

  • Got my first bike.

  • Started Kindergarten at T.J. Lee Elementary.

  • Started taking Tap and Ballet lessons.

  • Moved to Townsell Elementary for first grade.

  • Started piano lessons.

  • Feild trip to safety town in second grade.

    The only reason I remenber this feild trip is because i left my favorite jacket on the bus.
  • Got promoted to Gifted and Talented class for third grade.

  • Moved to Grand Prairie and went to Starrett Elementary.

  • First time getting on Titan at Six Flags

  • Met best friend in forth grade.

  • First time going to Puerto Rico.

  • Spent summer traveling in Georgia and Washington D.C.

  • My little brother was born.

    I was no longer any only child or grandchild on both sides.
  • My little cousin was born. My 1st cousin.

    I was no longer the only grandchild on both sides.
  • Started Junior High School.

  • Made the Volleyball,Step,and The Basketball team.