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Field Study #1 Fall/Winter Semester 2009

By mskondo
  • Introduction to Laptops

    Students are introduced to laptops for the first time of this school year. Topics covered: carrying the laptop, opening the laptop, powering on, using the mousepad, logging in, becoming familiar with the desktop and icons, introduction to KidPix program (painting, erasing, choosing backgrounds, using stamps/stickers, typing words), quitting KidPix, shutting down, closing the computer. SUCCESS!
  • Failed attempt #1

    Eager to begin Field Study. Had 3 Grade 7 students come to the classroom in anticipation of helping them type a web address into each student's browser. Hope was to introduce students to an online game focusing on practicing reading colour words and matching to appropriate colour. Of 21 computers, only 2 got online. Had to come up with Plan B on the spot. Turned back to KidPix and Grade 7 students left with time wasted. Frustration Level 3.
  • Failed Attempt #2

    Arranged for 5 Grade 4 students from "Big Buddy" class come to help us with same plan as October 6. Thought I had done something wrong the first time and was willing to try again. Failed again. This time, only 1 computer was able to access the internet. Spoke to neighbouring teacher in Abbotsford LTT Program. Discovered that ironically, her classroom and my classroom cannot get strong airport signal. We are the 2 teachers of 29 divisions who are in the LTT program. Frustration Level 6.
  • Change of plans

    Decided that attempting to access the internet again was going to increase my frustration and anger. Decided to only use 3 computers and set it up as a new math centre in addition to 5 other centres going on. Students rotated through all 6 centres. Laptop centre was creating patterns using stamps/stickers on KidPix program. Safe, did not have to worry about internet. Centres ran smoothly. SUCCESS!
  • Failed Attempt #3

    The persistent side of my personality decided to try again. Actually, this was at the suggestion of my principal who was feeling my pain and frustration.. Signed out the old, dismantled computer lab and took laptops into there. Thought this was foolproof. Invited the entire Big Buddy class to come. WRONG. No internet whatsoever (not even one computer got online) and because a class had used them before us, 14 computers died. Entire class did patterns on KidPix. Frustration/Anger Level 10
  • Feeling better

    Now going to stay away from internet completely. Original Field Study idea completely scrapped. Going to focus on math centres, use of the laptop as a math centre, enjoyment, participation, motivation, preferences and engagement. Set up 4 laptops as 1 centre out of 6 centres, 2 being "new" centres. Students rotated through. Were asked to make more complex patterns today, not AB patterns.
  • Student Survey #1

    Completeed Student Survey #1. Students answered questions about preferences according to a happy face, neutral face, sad face response choice. Interesting data collected.
  • Student Survey #2

    Students given second survey about comparing Math to other subjects. Gathering info on subject preferences, activity preferences, and computer/internet/technology usage in the home. Again, interesting data collected.