• Dien Bien Phu

    Vietnamess defeet the French who were in Vietnam.
  • Creation of the Ho Chi Minh trail

    Trails created to get suplys to North Veitnam soldiors who were in South Vietnam.
  • United States becomes actively involved

    JFK orders more help for South Vietnamese in war against the VC
  • Gulf of Tonkin Attack

    South Vietnam attacked two small North Vietnamese islans in the Guld of Tonkin
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    Congress passed this giving Johnson the power to take whatever steps he thinks are nessicary to defend Southeast Asia
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    a limmeted but longlasting bombing offensive to try and cut of Vietcong's in South Vietnam
  • Us.officers propsal (peace for economic aid)

    Us.officers propsal (peace for economic aid) to the North Vietnamese was rejected
  • Johnson commits 60,000 troops

    Raises Combat strength in Vietnam by 60,000 troops
  • First major US battle in Vietnam

    Info said an attack on US Marine base at Chu Lai; Operation Starlite completed with victory for US
  • Operation Junction City

    240 helicoptoers flew over Tay Ninh to destroy Vietcong bases and headquarters in South Vietnam
  • Tet Offensive begins

    Communist forces are building up to Tet (200 officials arrested in a crackdown on opponents of Tet)
  • Vietcong attacked Khe Sanh

    Marine base at Khe Sanh (day of most attacks)
  • My Lai massacre

    U.S. kills about 200 civilians,
  • Nixon takes office

    Nixon takes office as the President of the United States.
  • Operation Menu

    the bombing of Noth Vietnam and Vietcong bases in Cambodia
  • Troops come home

    All but 133,000 American troops have come home. The remaining are stationed in South Vietnam
  • Breakdown

    Peace talks in Paris (between North Vietnam and the US) breakdown
  • Resume

    Peace talks between North Vietnam and the US resume
  • Cease Fire

    All countries in the Vietnam War sign a cease fire
  • Nixon resigns

    President Nixon resigns after Watergait
  • Evacuation

    1,000 American civilians and about 7,00 South Vietnamese refugees are flown out of Saigon