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    Nuclear Arms Race and Detente

  • Chinese Civil War

    Chinese Civil War
  • Korean Conflict

    Korean Conflict
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    The east side at the time was owned by the soviets and was the communist half of Germany. Germans were trying to escape east Germany and go to the west so they built the wall to stop them from switching sides since no one liked communism in germany.
  • Comunist Cuba and Misslile Crisis

    Comunist Cuba and Misslile Crisis
    When the United States learned that the Soviet Union was shiping nuclear missiles to Cuba president John F, Kennedy ordered that the Soviet Union to remove the missles from Cuba. Then in October of that year the United States imposed a Naval blockade on Cuba to stop future nuclear weopons from reaching Cuba. Then finally on October 28 the Soviet agreed to remove the missiles.
  • Vietnam Conflict

    Vietnam Conflict
  • Soviets in Afghanistan

    Soviets in Afghanistan
  • NATO and Warsaw Pact

    NATO and Warsaw Pact