Coca cola

Coca Cola's History

  • Coca Cola Made!

    Coca Cola Made!
    Coca Cola was made by Dr. John Stith Pemberton on this date. Pemberton was a local pharmacist in the town of Atlanta, Georgia. It was sampled, claimed to taste perfect, and decided to sell it as a soda fountain drink for $0.05 a glass. It was delicious and refreshing. Thus, Coca Cola was born!
  • Coca Cola's Secret!

    Coca Cola's Secret!
    As people liked the soda, there was an illegal substance inside of it. They had a cocaine extract in the soda. As well as having cocaine in it, they also had a caffeine-rich cola nut used to make the soda. They took out the cocaine extract some time later.
  • Coca Cola '28-'33

    Coca Cola '28-'33
    Coca Cola had a bottle sale eclipse in 1928 from them making bottles come in a 6-pack. In 1929, they made their first soda come in the can! In 1933, the automatic soda dispenser (A.K.A. the vending the machine) was a hit from Coca Cola being inside of it!
  • Coca Cola Spreading

    Coca Cola Spreading
    Before and during 1960, Coca Cola was extremely enjoyed by plenty of people. You could get it at an ice cream parlor, a vending madchine, or, even the main way, at the pharmacy! Coca Cola was soon being sold every where in the U.S. now.
  • Coca Cola Polar Bear Advertisement

    Coca Cola Polar Bear Advertisement
    Their first advertisement that dealt with the polar bears was in 1993. Ever since, they have been a main way of advertising coca cola. The first advertisement commercial with polar bears was about polar bears watching the Northern Lights drinking Coca Cola. They have also been a legacy ever since.
  • Coca Cola Now

    Coca Cola Now
    They now have Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite (regular, Duo, 3G, Ice, Remix, Zero, Diet, Light, and Diet Zero) Fanta , and their newest sodas; Coke Zero and Vanilla Coke Zero! Coke Zero was an instant hit! Coca Cola is now being sold every where in the world having over a billion sold per day.