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By martula
  • Arcor was founded

    Arcor was founded
    Grupo Arcor is a food company specialized in confectionery. It was founded on July 5, 1951 in the city of Arroyito, Córdoba, Argentina.
  • 60,000 kg. of sweets

    60,000 kg. of sweets
    In 1958, Arcor had already reached the daily production of 60,000 kg. of sweets. At this point Arcor wasn't a factory of candies, exclusively.
  • Fisrt sales outside.

    Fisrt sales outside.
    The Group carried out its first sales outside Argentina and it began to participate in international events.
  • Begin the distribution.

    Begin the distribution.
    In 1967, Arcor established its own system of official distributors in Argentina.
  • Arcor grows in their industries.

    Arcor grows in their industries.
    The company open a new plant in Tucumán.
  • Arcor in Mendoza

    Arcor in Mendoza
    The company open a plant in Mendoza.
  • Arcor in Buenos Aires.

    Arcor in Buenos Aires.
    The company open its plant in San Pedro, Buenos Aires.
  • Arcor in Córdoba

    Arcor in Córdoba
    Arcor opened its plant in Córdoba.
  • Arcor crossed the border.

    Arcor crossed the border.
    Paraguay (1976), Uruguay (1979), Brazil (1981) and Chile (1989).
  • Arcor purchases Bon o Bon and Aguila

    Arcor purchases Bon o Bon and Aguila
    In 1990, Arcor incorporated Bon-o-Bon and Aguila.
  • Arcor bought LIA

    Arcor bought LIA
    In 1997, Arcor bought LIA, a recgnized cookies manufacturer from Argentina. After that, it opened Arcor Museum in Arroyto, Cordoba. This museum receives almost 8000 visits per year.
  • Dos en uno.

    Dos en uno.
    In 1998, Arcor Group bought the Chilean company "Dos en uno", a leader in the candies and chocolates market in its country.
  • New Arcor logo

    New Arcor logo
    In 1999, Arcor redesigned its logo, creating a highly innovative visual identity.
  • Brach's and Nestlé

    Brach's and Nestlé
    In 2001, Arcor made a deal with Brach's, a leader U.S. industry; and Arcor Brazil acquired popular brands like Kid's, Poosh, Amor, Pirapito and 7Belo from Nestlé.
  • Arcor in Europe

    Arcor in Europe
    Arcor Group settled in Europe in 2002, with new commercial offices in Barcelona.
  • Arcor institute

    Arcor institute
    In 2004, the company opened Arcor Institute in Brazil with the objetive of fighting for equal oportunities, supporting education projects to help children and youths in that country.
  • New products

    New products
    During 2005, Arcor Group launched a new ice cream line of business in Argentina.
    It also acquired Benvenuto S.A.C.I., incorporating brands like La Campagnola, Nereida, BC, Salsati, Poncho Negro, etc.
  • Arcor signed an agreement with Bimbo

    Arcor signed an agreement with Bimbo
    Bimbo became distributor in Mexico for "Bon o Bon".