Great treaty

Colonial Pennsylvania

By kgable
  • Oct 30, 1454

    Amerigo Vespucci

    He was born in this year. The namesake of the Americas.
  • Oct 30, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    The year of his first voyage across the Alantic to search for a western sea route to the West Indies. However, Columbus discovered the continent now known as North America.
  • Oct 30, 1493

    Christopher Columbus

    This was his second voyage to the Americas.
  • Oct 30, 1497

    Amerigo Vespucci

    The Americas were named after Amerigo Vespucci in this year.
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson explored the Delaware River in order to find the Northwest Passage for the Dutch East India Tea Company.
  • New Sweden

    New Sweden was founded.
  • Johan Printz

    Johan Printz became New Swedens first governer.
  • William Penn

    William Penn was born.
  • Gulielma Penn

    Gulielma, first wife of William Penn was born.
  • George Fox

    The quakers were founded by George Fox. He began to preach in this year also.
  • Johan Rising

    Johan Rising took over as governer of New Sweden.
  • Peter Stuyvesant

    Peter Stuyvesant sailed the Delaware River.
  • Dutch

    Dutch took over New Sweden.
  • England

    England takes over the colony.
  • Hannah Penn

    Hannah Penn was born.
  • Gulielma Penn and William Penn

    Gulielma Penn and William Penn got married.
  • William Penn

    William was granted a charter for Pennsylvania.
  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania was officially founded.
  • Francis Daniel Pasterious

    Francis Daniel Pasterious founded Germantown.
  • Cheif Tamanend

    Cheif Tamanend signs Great Treaty with William Penn.
  • William and Hannah Penn

    William Penn marries Hannah Penn.
  • Hannah Penn

    Hannah Penn left England to go to America.
  • William Penn

    Charter of Privelages granted to William Penn
  • James Logan

    James Logan is elected the mayor of Philadelphia.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was born.
  • David Llyod

    David Llyod became Cheif Justice of the Colonial Supreme Court.
  • Conrad Beissel

    Immigrates to Pennsylvania.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    He arrived in Philadelphia.
  • Hannah Penn

    Hannah Penn dies.
  • Andrew Hamilton

    He became the Speaker of the House.
  • Elizabeth Ashbridge

    She comes to America as an indentured servant.
  • Declaration of Independence

    It was signed in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.