National Oceanographic Data Centre - OGS: timeline (EN)

  • Period: to

    OGS collects and stores national marine data

    OGS, equipped with one of the first computer centres, develops software to collect, archive on magnetic tape and analyse the temporal variability of marine data obtained during oceanographic campaigns in the framework of various national scientific projects.
  • Period: to

    Marine OGS data in the Mediterranean data cycle

    Within the framework of several projects (MODB, MATER, MEDAR / MEDATLAS) marine OGS data are collected and contribute to the Mediterranean oceanographic database.
  • The OGS Marine Data Centre in the UNESCO network

    NODC becomes the Italian reference within the International Oceanographic Data Exchange System of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.
  • Period: to

    Development of the OGS marine database

    Development in Oracle and population of the marine database with oceanographic measurements from 1889 onwards.
  • Emergence of the NODC infrastructure in the OGS

    OGS formally defines the infrastructure for oceanographic data collection called NODC.
  • Period: to

    First meteo-marine data

    Development of the Archimede information system for meteo-marine data
  • NODC becomes the Italian node of the SeaDataNet network

    NODC joins SeaDataNet: the pan-European infrastructure for integrated marine data management.
  • The UNESCO Committee on Oceanographic Data meets in Trieste

    The UNESCO Committee on Oceanographic Data meets in Trieste
    NODC organises the XIX meeting of the UNESCO Committee on the International Oceanographic Data Exchange in Trieste.
  • Period: to

    Exponential growth and innovation of data infrastructure

    NODC renews infrastructure with new programming language, more efficient access and data management services and launch of new website.
  • Launch of the European Marine Observation and Data Network - EMODnet

    NODC becomes scientific coordinator of EMODnet Chemistry: the European Commission's online platform for the collection and free access to marine pollution data.
  • National agreement on sharing Italian marine data

    NODC takes the first steps with the Italian Oceanographic Commission to conclude an agreement on the sharing of Italian marine data and connect them to the UNESCO network.
  • NODC among European research infrastructures

    NODC is represented on the portal MERIL - Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape - which lists European research infrastructures in all scientific fields.
  • The first European marine litter data archive

    As part of the EMODnet Chemistry project, NODC starts developing and managing the first European database on coastal, seabed and floating wastes.
  • Coordinating the meeting of global experts on marine data management

    NODC coordinates the sixth meeting of the intergovernmental group JCOMM / IODE of global experts on oceanographic and meteorological marine data management.
  • Draft of the first OGS guideline on marine data management

    NODC contributes to the definition of the first OGS marine data management policy based on the principle of Open Science "as open as possible and as closed as strictly necessary".
  • Contribution to the European Research and Innovation Programmes

    NODC participates in Horizon 2020 projects, the research and innovation programme in Europe: ENVRI - FAIR, EUROFLEETS +, EUROqCHARM, EuroSea, and SeaDataCloud.
  • Period: to

    Contribution to the United Nations Decade of Oceans

    NODC participates in UNESCO actions for the global management of marine data in support of sustainable environmental governance.
  • Period: to

    Contribution to the European Open Science System

    NODC participates in initiatives to support the European Open Science Cloud, the European service platform for open access to scientific data and information: FAIR-EASE, iMagine, EOSC Future, Blue-Cloud.
  • Period: to

    Part of the National Recovery and Resilience plan - Italy

    Involvement in many different projects funded by the National Recovery and Resilience plan - Italy to put the principles of Open Sceince and Data-FAIRness into practise.
  • The largest sea of oceanographic data in Italy

    With over 300,000 profiles of water columns in coastal and offshore areas, the National Oceanographic Data Centre OGS manages the most extensive marine data archive in Italy.