Everest- "Into Thin Air"

  • Jon got the call

    Jon got the call
    Jon Krakauer got the call asking to go on this expedition... he accepted.
  • Started to Climb

    Started to Climb
    On March 31st 1996, the team of 29 started to climb up the mighty Mt.Everest, the biggest and tallest mountain in the world. There were instructors from different countrys helping, tagging along. Including doctors. When they stood infront of the mountain they would soon be faced with challenges, they noticed that pictures do not show justice. They were staring down what would soon be taking a death toll on plenty of them.
  • Kuhumbu Clisure

    Kuhumbu Clisure
    Arrived at the lower end of the Kuhumbu clisure. 12 milet ton of ice closed down everest.
  • Lobuje

    Reached Lobuje. 16,200 ft.
  • 8 people died

  • End of Icefall

    End of Icefall
    reached the end of icefall
  • Good Health

    Everyone is in good health.
  • Camp One

    Camp One
    Reached Camp 1. 19,500 ft.
  • Worse Day

    8-15 people died.
  • 300-3:10ish

    BAD WEATHER!!! Snow and large junks of hail.
  • Reached Summit

    Reached Summit
    11:15pm-Reached Summit. 20 people alive.
  • Hall needs help

    5:30pm-Hall radios for help
  • Boukery meets the Summit

    Boukery reaches the summit at 1:07pm
  • Camp IV

    2:30pm-climbed down to Camp IV
  • Scott Fiesher reaches Summit

    Scott Fiesher reaches Summit-vert ill. 3:45pm
  • Bad Blizzard

    Bad Blizzard
    On May 10th 1996, there was a bad blizzard at 6pm. Traveling at.Blinging the team memebers. Many were lost during this storm, also leaving some that couldnt even walk. Winds were traveling at 70 MPH. It was deadly.
  • Storm growing worse

    8pm. The storm grew worse. In their words, they describe it as a "hurricane" They are in South Col.
  • No sleep

    Jon hadnt slept in 57 hours
  • Hall reaches South Summit

    Hall reaches South Summit
    4:43am-Hall reaches South Summit. Harris reachedt two men in need ofhelp. Hall's oxygen tank choked with ice. He couldnt breath that air.
  • Hall fixes oxygen mask

    On May 11th 1996, Hall noticed he might be close to death. His oxygen mask was choked with ice and he couldnt breath the right air. He called his wife to tell her not to worry and that he would be alright...shortly after Hall passed away on Mt.Everest.
  • Found Fischers frozen body

  • Morning

    On May 11th 1996, 6am they noticed that 6 members didnt make it to the camp yet. The weather out beneath the tents they hid in were so bad that 5 would be found dead, and the other one would have such a bad case of frost bit that his hands would have to be amputitated.
  • Going down

    On the way down the mighty moutain, many died.
  • 11 dead

    11 dead
    11 died out of the 25. 5 were team mates
  • Reached the bottom

    Reached the bottom
    They have finally made it to the bottom of MT. EVEREST
  • Found Hall's dead body

    Long after the expidetion ended, the crew people from IMAX epidetion found Hall's dead body on May 23th, 1996. They had to notice his wife and she was devistated, even though she already knew he passed away long before. Hall, after all did make it off the mountain, even though he wasnt alive.