By edprice
  • The Moon

    Violet went to the moom during springbreak by herself.
  • Ricochet Lounge

    Violet went to the Ricochel Lounge by herself. Se went to observe. This is a place where people are in suits and they fly around hitting one another.
  • Meeting People

    While at Ricochet Lounge, Violet was approached by a group of teenagers. One of the teenagers, Link, asked her about his friend Ouendy's lesion. The group started a converstation with Violet. Violet helped the girls fix Quendy's hair to make the lesion look better.
  • Going to the Hotel

    The group asked Violet to go with them to the Rumble Spot night club. Violet decided to go with them. They stopped by the mall before going to the hotel to get "crunked". Violet looked a little uncomfortable at the hotel.
  • Calamity

    Violet and the group walked to the Rumble Spot. While there the group danced and noticed an strange old man. The man approcahed the group saying "we enter a time of calamity." The man touched Violet and the rest of the group with a metal handle and they started broadcasting "we enter a time of calamity" as well. The police came and had to turn off their feeds.
  • Hospital

    Violet and the group of teenagers were taken to the hospital. Their feeds were off. Most everyone's parents showed up at the hospital except for Violet's dad.
  • Cry

    While in the hospital Violet cried to Titus. They were sitting in his bed.
  • The Garden

    When Violet returned from seeing the doctors, she asked Titus to go with her somewhere. She took him upstairs in the hospital to show him a garden she had found. They kissed while they were alone.
  • Party

    After leaving the hospital, Violet stayed in contact with Titus. Titus invited her to a party. Violet was excited to go because she had not been to a party before. Titua picked her up at the mall i nhis parent's upcar.
  • Meeting the parents

    Violet went with Titus and his dad when he was picking out his own upcar. Violet went back to Titus' house for dinner with his family. Titus' father and Violet had a disagreement. Violet's foot would not work after dinner. When her foot started working again,her and Titus left the house.