The History of Fermentation

By ecogirl
  • 220

    (220 B.C.) The Chinese started using fermented tea to treat a variety of illnesses

  • Schwann concluded that fermentation is the result of living things

  • Louis Pateur determined fermentation was caused by yeast

  • German chemist Eduard Buchner received the Nobel Peace Prize for showing that enzymes in yeast cells caused fermentation, not the yeast itself

  • Two scientists Arthur Harden and Hans Euler-Cheplin won Nobel Peace Prize for determining exactly how enzymes cause fermentation

  • Fermentation was beginning to be used in antibiotics

  • (About 90 B.C.) Chinese used soybean curb to treat skin infections

  • (8000 B.C.) Fermentation is used to make alcoholic beverages

  • Today, fermentation is used in antibiotics, alcoholic beverages, to make bread rise, and preserve many types of food.