• Preliminary Timing System

    Demonstrate the PIC32's capabilities of 5 uStiming accuracy
  • Preliminary Tagging System

    Demonstrate ability to use RFID to send ID tag to PIC32 for processing
  • Preliminary Server Setup and Communication

    Demonstrate ability to install server on windows machine, and communicate data between a PIC32 and RFID system
  • Preliminary Database and GUI

    Demonstrate ability to create simple GUI and basic database using PHP and Apache
  • Preliminary System Integration

    Have all main components be able to communicate with another in a format similar to the final product
  • Preliminary Display Devices

    Demonstrate the ability to interact with 7 segments LEDs with the PIC32
  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    Demonstrate ability to create Rapid Prototype documents ready to be sent to manufacturer. Includes 1st prototype design.
  • Fully Functional Prototype

    Demonstrate the final product including appropriate enclosure