S.S timeline

By jthy10
  • The Lunar Prospector spacecraft is launched

  • Jake Thygeson Was born

  • The new millennium begins

  • Started playing baseball at age of 3

  • Matt Thygeson was born

  • President Bush sworn in

  • World trade center and Pentagon attacked

  • Jake's first day of preschool

  • Owen Thygeson born

  • My uncle was born

  • Jake's first day of 1st grade

  • President Bush sworn in for the second time

  • Chase Thygeson born

    Chase Thygeson born
  • Eagles lose Super Bowl to the Patriots

  • Moved in to our new house

  • Phillies win World Series

  • President Obama sworn in

  • First Philles game of the year

  • First day of school

  • First Eagles game of the season