A Week in the Life of JQH

By jojoqua
  • University of St. Thomas Volleyball Game

    Watched Wash. U. win 3-2 against the then No. 6 team in the country. Final set went to 17-15.
  • StudLife Sunday Production

    Edited several sports articles covering weekend action including volleyball, football, women's soccer, and men's soccer. Attended senior editor's meeting and discussed upcoming content.
  • APO Initiation

    Welcomed 27 new pledges to APO
  • Mass

    Went to the 9 p.m. mass at the Catholic Student Center
  • Management Science

    Had a lecture in OSCM
  • Student Life Interviews

    Interviewed Women's Golf Head Coach Sean Curtis, senior Margaret Manning and freshman Melanie Walsh on winning the Illinois Wesleyan University Fall Classic
  • TA Help Session

    Helped several students and answered questions about the case
  • StudLife Tuesday Production

    Edited men's tennis, women's tennis and wrote a women's golf story
  • APO Alternate Initiation

    Welcomed my pledge daughter to our co-ed service fraternity
  • History of Pop Culture

    Listened to a lecture about vaudeville
  • Consumer Behavior

    Did an in-class experiment looking at the effect of being given a cookie and helping a stranger.
  • ACCT 2620

    Learned about cost process accounting
  • OSCM Quiz

    Took a 20 minute in class quiz in Organization and Supply Chain Management
  • Convergence Journalism

    Erica Smith gave a great presentation with a ton of good sites to use for multimedia
  • Alpha Phi Omega pledge meeting

    Introduced myself to pledges and played a name game
  • StudLife Thursday Production

    Edited two athletes of the week Q&As and a volleyball article
  • General Mills Visit

    Representatives from General Mills gave a lecture on consumer marketing in Consumer Behavior
  • Accounting 2620

    Did practice problems
  • History of Pop Culture

    Learned about the origins of Coney Island
  • TA meeting

    Met with professor to discuss grading rules for essay/started grading 47 papers
  • NSBE Career Fair

    Visited the Career Fair and checked out a few companies
  • Women's Soccer Game

    Watched Wash. U. beat DI Southeast Missouri State 4-1 on Friday night. Caryn Rosoff had a hat trick, her second of the week.
  • Pop Culture Discussion

    Had my History of Pop Culture discussion section on Vaudeville and Coney Island
  • Good Neighbors Meeting

    Met with administrators about fostering good ties with neighboring communities
  • Consumer behavior

    Met with group to discuss upcoming case
  • OSCM

    Solved problem set with group
  • Laser Tag

    Played laser tag with people from Alpha Phi Omega