Moments in My Life

  • Youger Brother, Ryan, Was Born

  • My Yougest Brother, Ben, Was Born

  • A Golf Tee Went Through My Foot

  • Moved to Little Suamico

  • First Packer Game

  • Started Playing the Piano

  • First Time Musky Fishing

    First Time Musky Fishing
    Musky Tournament
    I’ll never forget the first time I went to a musky fishing tournament. My dad, my uncle, and I camped in a tent. We shared a campsite with the rest of the team-Team Catch’em! The next day we went fishing on my uncle’s boat. I got so thirsty; I drank 17 bottles of Gatorade. After fishing for about 8 hours, I felt a big jerk on the line and it took me 5 minutes to reel it in. It was a big large-mouth bass. We released it and headed home. I’ve loved musky fishing ever since
  • Won School Spelling Bee

  • Trip to Hawaii

    Trip to Hawaii
    My Trip to Hawaii I’ll always remember my trip to Hawaii. The plane ride was rough. We spent 11 hours on the plane to get there. We stayed in a condo, hiked, swam in the ocean, and went snorkeling. After the trip, we were sunburned really badly. I’ll never forget the time I went to Hawaii.
  • Started Playing the Saxophone

  • First Day of Middle School

  • My Artwork Went to Wisconsin's Capitol Building

    My Artwork Went to Wisconsin's Capitol Building