Charles Darwin

By luli
  • Date of birth

    Charles Robert Darwin was born at The Mount in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Son of Robert Waring Darwin and Susannah Wedgwood.
  • Early studies

    Darwin attended Mr. Case's grammar school in Shrewsbury. He was a rather shy and reserved boy who invented wild stories, and showed off his athletic skills to the other boys. He was also very mischievous, and enjoyed being the center of attention in the household.
  • Chemistry Lab is set up.

    He and his brother setup a chemistry lab in the tool shed of the garden. Darwin enjoyed chemistry a great deal and it was during this time that he learned the basic principles of scientific experimentation.
  • Darwin's bad at school

    Darwin's father took him out of Shrewsbury school due to his poor grades and his having no direction in life. It is ironic to think that at this time his father castigated Darwin for his idleness, claiming that if he carried on this way he would end up being a disgrace to himself and his family. Apparently Darwin cared for nothing but shooting birds, playing with dogs, and catching rats!
  • Meeting Robert Grant

    Darwin meets naturalist Dr. Robert Grant and learns to examine marine animals. November 10 Charles joins the Plinian Society.
  • First speech

    March First scientific speech in March at the Plinian Society.
    April 27 Darwin leaves the University of Edinburgh.
    October 15 Admitted to Christ’s College, Cambridge to study theology.
  • Winter Break

    During winter break Darwin visited London where his brother showed him around to the Royal Institution, Linnean Society, and Zoological Gardens. These visits further ignited Darwin's interest in natural history. Afterwards Darwin visited Woodhouse to see his girlfriend, Fanny Owen.
  • Religious doubts

    Darwin began to have more doubts regarding pursuing a religious career. His studies were not going very well, and he was spending too much time out in the countryside collecting beetles.
  • Beagle

    The Beagle Voyage around the world. (6 years)
  • The voyage finishes

    1836 October 2
    H.M.S. Beagle finally arrived home after a voyage of four years, nine months, five days. They docked at Falmouth, England, at night during a storm. Darwin set off immediately for home. 1836
  • His first Theory

    Darwin develops his Theory of Natural Selection.
  • Evolution by Natural Selection

    Writes the essay Evolution By Natural Selection and instructs Emma to publish the theory if he should die unexpectedly.
    Publishes the Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands.
  • Honorary

    Gets a Honorary LLD Doctorate of Law from Cambridge University.
    The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the same Species and A Biographical Sketch of an Infant are published.
  • Death

    Charles Darwin dies in Downe, aged seventy-three. He was given a state funeral and is buried in Westminster Abbey on April 26.