African Slaves in the American Colonies

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  • Jan 1, 1550

    The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

    The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade began.
  • First Africans in Colonies

    The First Africans in America were brought not as slaves but as indentured servants. They arrived in Jamestown in 1619. They weere traded from a Dutch ship in exchange for food products.
  • Slave Codes: inherited slavery

    A law was passed that stated that all of the children of a slave were considered slaves from birth, Slavery is now inherited through families.
  • Slave Codes: Conversion

    Before this slave code, converting to Christianity changed a slave's status into that of a free man or servant. After this point a slave convertinfg to Christianity did not change his status.
  • Slave Codes: Murder Legalized

    This slave code made it legal for a slave owner to kill a slave while punishing him.
  • Slave Codes: No black ownership of white Indentured servants

  • Slave Codes: Indentured servants to slaves

    As of this slave code, Africans who were currently indentured servants were converted to slaves.
  • Slave Codes: Free Blacks Sent Away

    This slave code forbade the residence of free Africans in VA.
  • Natural Population Increase

    For the first time in 1720, slave population increased naturally more than it increased by the importation of slaves. Slaves are having children.
  • Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Ends