Technology in the Last 100 years

Timeline created by lutz
  • Airplane

    The Wright Brothers invent the girst gas motored and manned airplane.
  • Pop-up toaster

    Pop-up toaster
    The pop-up toaster was invented by Charles Strite.
  • Notebooks with spiral bindings

    Notebooks with spiral bindings
    This was an important invention to be because I love writing and this simple invention has transformed the way we write now (or before the common use of computers for writing).
  • Photocopier

    Chester F. Carlson's job was to copy inventor's drawings by hand. He decided to invent a way to copy papers more easily, and the photocopier was born.
  • Microwave Oven

    Microwave Oven
    The first microwave oven, invented by Percy Spencer, weighed 750 pounds and was nearly 6 feet tall. This just shows how far our technology has come.
  • first credit card

    first credit card
    The first credit card was invented by Frank X. McNamara, Ralph Schneider and Alfred Bloomingdale.
  • VCR

    This is important to me because I remember being very little watching Aladin and the Aristocats on VHS. I learned how to put my favorite VHS tapes into the VCR and play them. Now, I babysit kids who can work the DVD player and didn't even live when VHS tapes were widely sold.
  • Apple macintosh

    Apple macintosh
    Most people know the Mac was invented by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. This was a incredible at the time and now has become a part of our regular lives. We walk into Technology and Culture and log onto our Macs. I'm carrying a laptop in my backpack right now. It fanscinates me to see how it began.
  • WWW and HTML

    WWW and HTML
    The World Wide Web and Internet protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) created by Tim Berners-Lee.
  • Web TV invented

    Web TV invented
    I picked this to include in my top ten inventions because I think it is critically important to the evolution of television. This is now how many of us, me included, watch most of our favorite shows.