Aquarium 54L

Timeline created by scott.stephen
  • Setup

    Physical setup and planting done.
  • First fish

    The first lot of fish was added.
    5 Guppies (3 females and 2 males)
    5 Red Cherry Shrimp
  • First batch of Guppy fry

    First batch of Guppy fry, managed to save 5.
  • More fishies

    3 Coral Platies (2 females and 1 male)
    4 Otocinclus
  • Second batch of Guppy fry

    Second batch of Guppy fry, managed to save 11 of them.
  • First batch of Platy fry

    First batch of Platy fry, managed to save 5.
  • Guppy female (Thelma) died

    One of my Guppy females (Thelma) died this morning.
  • Male Guppy (Papy) died

    Papy died this day after a couple of days with problems swimming (Swim bladder problem). Water parameters are all perfect.
  • Third batch of Guppy fry

    Third batch of Guppy fry, this time around 20!
  • Second batch of Platy fry

    Second batch of Platy fry, this time there are lots.
  • Male Guppy (Nick) died

    The second male Guppy died while we were away for the weekend in London. It was expected, as he was already in bad shape before leaving.
  • Guppy female (Pest) died

    Was very skinny and stopped eating.
  • Gave away babies

    Well this morning I gave away a whole bunch of babies, to reduce the population (4 carol platies 1 month old and about 20 guppies of different ages from 2 weeks to 2 months).
  • Third batch of Platy fry

  • Fourth batch of Guppy fry

  • Give away

    Gave away 8 Platies and around 20 Guppies.