Sports and Entertainment Marketing Timeline

  • First Baseball Game

    First Baseball Game
    Fans paid to attend a baseball game between two teams in the New York City area at Fashion Rack Course in Queens.
  • NCAA was created

    NCAA was created
    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was officially formed to govern collegiate athletics.
  • Recording Sound

    Recording Sound
    Development of recording of sound on motion picture film.
  • NBC

    RCA established the National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
  • First Endorsement

    First Endorsement
    Lou Gehrig appeared on a Wheaties box.
  • Television

    First television is sold.
  • Women's Sports

    Women's Sports
    All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was formed due to many Major League Baseball players serving in WWII.
  • Babe Didrickson

    Babe Didrickson
    Wilson Sporting Goods signed golfer Babe Didrickson Zaharias to an endorsement contract for $100,000 per year.
  • Disneyland

    Disneyland in Anaheim, California opens costing $17 million to build.
  • Six Flags

    Six Flags
    Six Flags opens in Texas
    First regional theme park
  • Sporting Goods

    Sporting Goods
    Phil Knight opens Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1972, the name is changed to Nike.
  • Naming Rights

    Naming Rights
    Rich Foods pays $60,000/year for the naming rights to the Buffalo Bills football stadium.
  • Thriller

    Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” sells 20 million albums
  • Video Games

    Video Games
    Nintendo home entertainment system is introduced