Tony Mathis

  • Jamestown is founded

  • A third set of colonies formed in the South after Jamestown, Virginia was founded as a joint stock colony .

  • English Colonists in Virginia destroy the French settlements at Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

  • Shortly after the house of Burgesses was formed a group of colonists from England known as the pilgrims arrived in america.

  • The mayflower compact was signed

  • The Massachusetts body of liberties was adopted in 1641

  • The Navigation Acts were a series of laws passsed it put the idea of mercantilism into practice

  • The Pennsylvania Frame of Government was passed.

  • Parliament removed King james from the throne and invited his daughter Mary and her husband William to rule instead.

  • Parliament drew up the English Bill of Rights.

    Parliament drew up the English Bill of Rights.
  • House of Burgesses meets for the first time

  • Pennsylvania Charter of Privelages, established part of the basis for the U.S.constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • All thirteen English colonies had been established each with its own constitution

  • An English traveler in America, Andrew Burnaby, wrote that the colonies were as different from one another as "fire and water".

  • two battles between British and colonial soldiers took place in Massachusetts at Lexington and Concord

  • New Hampshire became the first colony to organize as a state and craft a detailed written plan for government, or constitution.

  • The second continental congress apposed the declaration of independence.

  • Each colony had its own representative government one that had been operating for more than 100 years