Joy's K3 Visa

Timeline created by jcrank
  • Legal Wedding

    Married by Pastor Joey Casas in Anitpolo, Philippines
  • Wedding Paperwork Filed

    The date of legal marriage according to the goverment of the Philippines
  • Wedding Paperwork filed by Lawyer

    (Fix later) official copies of wedding paperwork and completed I-130s filed by the Immigration Attorney
  • Recieved Receipt from I-129

    Recieved Receipt from I-129 at parents house
  • Sent final payment to Lawyer

    With help from family payed the remainging bill to continue the process
  • After Corrections I129s Filed

    After Corrections I129s Filed
  • I129-F Reciept Received

    I129-F Reciept Received
  • Arrival of I129 and I130 Acceptance

    Step One: CIS (6-8 months) Petitioner (%u201CPet%u201D)
    Citizenship and Immigration Services (%u201CCIS%u201D) Pet sends CIS the Form I-130 CIS sends Pet the I-130 Receipt Notice Pet sends CIS the Form I-129F with a copy of the I-130 Receipt Notice CIS sends Pet the I-129F Receipt Notice CIS sends Pet the I-129F Approval Notice and sends to the file to the NVC
  • Transfer of file to American Consulate in Manila

    Approximate Expected Transfer of file from the National Visa Center to the American Consulate in Manila Step Two: NVC (3-4 months) Petitioner (%u201CPet%u201D)
    National Visa Center (%u201CNVC%u201D) NVC sends Pet the fee bills Pet sends NVC the fees NVC sends Pet the request for financial documents Pet sends NVC the financial documents NVC sends the file to the American Consulate and sends Pet a letter re same
  • Interview at Manila Embassy

    Interview at Manila Embassy
  • Approximate Granting of Entrance Visa

    Step Three: AmCon (3-4 months) American Consulate (%u201CAmCon%u201D)
    Beneficiary (%u201CBen%u201D) AmCon sends Pet a notice of appointment Ben goes to an
    authorized doctor abroad Doctor gives Ben results
    (in a sealed envelope) Ben goes to immigrant visa interview AmCon issues immigrant visa