LotJ Fall 2009 Timeline

By lotj
  • New timeline is announced

    The original announcementThe new timeline is officially annnounced. It is made clear that the new timeline will not begin until all the necessary work is done. At this time it is made clear that we will be entering a fourth era, something never before done on LotJ. This is necessary to provide the staff and volunteer builders time to rebuilt planets and add quests.
  • Timeline info dissemination

    Anna creates a thread on the forums that serves as a major outlet of information for the new timeline. Initial plot details about the Arkanian Dominion and Kanz Disorders are released. It is made public that datachips will be removed. The ongoing timeline discussion thread
  • More information is revealed

    A starting date for the new timeline is announced: Sometime in late August or early September. Open application positions are revealed. It is announced that all engineering materials will be removed and re-implemented.
  • Betatest revelaed

    It is revealed that the new gameworld will undergo a beta test. Timeframes for the timeline transition are announced.
  • Applications are open

    Playesr can begin submitting applications under the 'TIMELINE' category. The major applications sought are
    1. BH clan leader (details on this will be coming soon)
    2. Arkanian Dominion clan leader
    3. Argazdan clan leader
    4. 2 Engineering clan leaders
    5. Jedi (masters, knights, padawans)
    6. Sith (masters, knights, padawans)
  • Applications are closed

    We stop accepting applications for the next timeline and begin reviewing them
  • Betatest begins!

    The player test on 5800 begins. We will be opening the doors of the new gameworld we have crafted for next timeline to the players for testing. Those that have contributed to 5800 work in a meaningful way and have an approved application for next timeline will be invited to roll characters on 5800. The goal of the playtest will be to determine balancing issues, gauge quest rewards and many other factors.
  • Important applications are chosen

    We announce the most relevant applications (clan leaders, etc.) Non-timeline important apps (misc. char sets, minor clans) will hopefully be announced at this time, but no promises.
  • Over 100 bugs fixed

    Over 100 bugs have been fixed on 5800 since August 15.