20th Century Media

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    Media In Everyday Life

  • Video game in 1958

    The first video game was madein 1958. physicist Willian Higinbotham created a simple tennis game similar to pong.
  • Radio in 1960

    Radio one was first launched on september 30th 1967
  • music in 1968

    The Jackson 5 released their first song in 1968 which was called 'big boy'
  • Tv in 1970

    Tv in the 1970's was fitted aroud a specific scedule, programmes such as the news were shown at peak times such as 12 in the afternoon, 6pm and 9pm when everyoe can watch it. It was filmed on large scale cameras that could only be provided by big media companies.
  • Film in 1980

    This ws the introduction to high concept fims, this means that they were films that could easilly be characterised by one to two scentences. These again were based around a timetable.
  • Newspaper in 1896

    In 1896 The Daily Mail was first published. It is printed daily therefore is avaliable every 24 hours.
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    Newspaper in 1896