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  • 38,000 BCE

    Bering Land Bridge_Paleo-Indians

    When the Ice Age happened, water froze into glaciers making sea level drop. A land bridge between Asia and Alaska appeared called the Bering Land Bridge and people called Paleo-Indians crossed over to Alaska between 38,000 and 10,000 BC.
  • 1,500 BCE

    Native America_Anasazi

    The Anasazi were people who lived in the North American Southwest.
  • 300

    Africa_Soninke groups band together and started the beginning of Ghana

    The Soninke farmers were threatened by nomadic herders, so they grouped together for protection and started the beginning of Ghana.
  • 1350

    Europe_The Renaissance begins

    The Renaissance happened after the Middle Ages and brought a period of order and stability to Europe.
  • Period:
    5,000 BCE

    America, Africa, and Europe_The World Before the Opening of the Atlantic

    Mesoamerica= 1200 BC-1532 AD
    Native America= 5000 BC-1700 AD
    Africa= 300 AD-1500 AD
    Europe= 500 BC-1350 AD