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  • 38,000 BCE

    Bering Land Bridge_Paleo-Indians

    When the Ice Age happened, water froze into glaciers making sea level drop. A land bridge between Asia and Alaska appeared called the Bering Land Bridge and people called Paleo-Indians crossed over to Alaska between 38,000 and 10,000 BC.
  • 1,500 BCE

    Native America_Anasazi

    The Anasazi were people who lived in the North American Southwest.
  • 300

    Africa_Soninke groups band together and started the beginning of Ghana

    The Soninke farmers were threatened by nomadic herders, so they grouped together for protection and started the beginning of Ghana.
  • 1350

    Europe_The Renaissance begins

    The Renaissance happened after the Middle Ages and brought a period of order and stability to Europe.
  • 1400

    Portugal_Prince Henry the Navigator

    Portugal became a leader in world exploration because of Prince Henry the Navigator who taught better methods of sailing.
  • 1450

    Europe_Movabletype Printing Press

    Johannes Gutenberg develops his movabletype printing press.
  • 1492

    America_Christopher Columbus finds the Americas

    Christopher Columbus lands on the Bahamas in the Americas thinking he found a new route to Asia.
  • 1497

    Portugal_Vasco da Gama was the first person to travel to Asia by sea

    Vasco da Gama traveled by sea from Portugal to India and won the race for a sea route to Asia.
  • 1517

    Europe_Martin Luther helps start the Protestant Reformation

    Martin Luther criticized the Roman Catholic Church and doing so he helped start the Protestant Reformation.
  • 1518

    America_Enslaved Africans arrived in the Americas

    The first ship full of enslaved Africans arrived in the Americas.
  • 1519

    America, Aztec Empire_Hernan Cortes sails to Mexico to conquer the Aztec Empire

    Hernan Cortes sails from Cuba to present day Mexico to conquer the Aztec Empire than was being ruled by Moctezuma ll.
  • 1522

    Portugal_Ferdinand Magellan's crew circumnavigated the globe

    Ferdinand Magellan's crew traveled some 40,000 miles and circumnavigated the globe.
  • 1534

    America, Inca Empire_Franciso Pizarro conquers the Inca Empire

    Franciso Pizarro and some help from Native American allies conquered the Inca Empire.
  • America, Jamestown_Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in America

    105 colonists were sent by the London Company and founded Jamestown the first permanent English settlement in North America.
  • England_The Pilgrims left Europe in the Mayflower and sailed to the Americas

    Because the Pilgrims were being persecuted in England, a group of them left England in the Mayflower to start a new colony in the Americas.
  • England_Puritan colonists leave England for Massachusetts

    Puritan colonists leave England for Massachusetts in search of religious freedom. They were led by John Winthrop.
  • New Netherlands_Director General Peter Stuyvesant led the colony beginning

    Director General Peter Stuyvesant led the beginning of the colony in New Netherlands.
  • Pennsylvania_William Penn begins a colony called Pennsylvania

    William Penn received a charter from King Charles ll giving him permission to begin a colony. His colony became known as Pennsylvania.
  • England_English Bill of Rights

    The English Bill of Rights reduced the powers of the English monarch.
  • Europe_The Enlightenment

    The Enlightenment spread the idea that reason and logic could improve society.
  • America_The Stamp Act of 1765

    The Stamp Act of 1765 required colonists to pay for an official stamp, or seal, when thy bought paper items.
  • Boston Harbor_Boston Tea Party

    Colonists disguised as Indians sneaked onto the three tea-filled ships and dumped over 340 tea chests into Boston Harbor. It became known as the Boston Tea Party.
  • World_123 countries with electoral democracies

    The Athens were the first Greek city states to created a democracy. It is related to this event because 58.2% of the worlds population live in a country that is based on democratic principles.
  • World_636 languages with a printed Bible

    Johannes Gutenberg develops a movable type printing press which allowed people to read the Bible on their own instead of relying on what the priests said. It is related to this event because now a days the printing press is being used to print Bibles in different languages so everyone can read it in their own language.
  • Malaysia_Tourist Tax

    The Stamp Act of 1765 was a way that the British government made money from the colonist by texting them on goods they purchased. It is related to this event because Malaysia is making money by taxing their tourists on the hotel that they stay at.
  • Period:
    5,000 BCE

    America, Africa, and Europe_The World Before the Opening of the Atlantic

    Mesoamerica= 1200 BC-1532 AD
    Native America= 5000 BC-1700 AD
    Africa= 300 AD-1500 AD
    Europe= 500 BC-1350 AD
  • Period:

    Europe_ New Empires in the Americas

    European Explorations of the Americas = 1492-1682
  • Period: to

    America_The English Colonies

    England develops colonies in North America and rules over them= 1605-1774