2011 RPR Year-End Timeline

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  • Park Rates Increase

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    In one of its first acts of the New Year, city councilors approved new rates for city parks, with increases in tennis court rentals, Pullen Arts Center studio fees and rental and reservation fees at Walnut Creek Softball Complex and the Buffaloe Road Athletic Park.
  • Council moves forward on Operations Facility at Hazardous Waste Site

    Full story here The city council votes to move forward on developing a new Downtown Remote Operations Facility on a hazardous waste site after depleting a $300,000 escrow account set aside for environmental cleanup.
  • Author Scott Huler named Piedmont Laureate

    Read our interview with Huler here Author and former RPR board member Scott Huler is named the 2011 Piedmont Laureate.
  • Wake County School Board agrees to cooperate with accrediation investigation

    Read full story here Wake County School Board members vote to cooperate with AdvancED's, Wake’s high school accrediting authority, investigation of the board's decision to do away with its income-based diversity policy.
  • Anthony Tata becomes Wake County School Superintendant

  • City Council bans smoking in parks

    Read full story here The City Council votes 6-2 in favor of banning smoking in parks. The ban excludes Nash and Moore squares, located downtown.
  • Wake County court staff faces possible layoffs

    Read full story here Wake County court staff faces possible layouts, receives memo offering people within five years of retirement buyout packages.
  • Raleigh conducts first street tree inventory

    Read full story here Raleigh conducts its first street tree inventory--a complete survey of all trees and planting sites within the city right-of-way or on city-owned land such as parks. This will help identify tree needs, priorities in pruning or removal and document urban forest benefits.
  • County approves trail plans on condition that the trail isn't subject to Raleigh park rules

    Read full story here The Wake County Board of Commissioners moves forward with plans to construct Lower Neuse Greenway Trail, so long as county portions are not subject to Raleigh park rules -- namely the city's smoking ban.
  • Mayor Meeker Paints a Bright Future in State of the City Address

    Read full story here Mayor Charles Meeker focuses on sustainablity initiatives, favors the transportation bond, discusses failing downtown condo sales and thanks public for its involvement with NHL All-Star Game in his State of the City address.
  • Raleigh Wide Open is Cancelled Due to Budget Concerns

    Read full story here City Manager Russell Allen cancels this year's Raleigh Wide Open festival due to budget concerns, saying it will save the city $150,000-180,000 for the year.
  • School Board releases third response to Department of Education Investigation

    Read full story here The Wake County School Board releases its third response on the U.S. Department of Education's investigation--defending itself against racial discrimination charges.
  • School Board Approves Assistant Principal "Demotion"

    Read full story here The Wake County School Board moves assistant principals to 10-month contracts as part of a budget savings plan.
  • First draft of Unified Development Ordinance set for release

  • Tornado hits Raleigh

    View photos and videos of the aftermath here Read full story on the aftermath here A tornado hits just south of downtown Raleigh. Three children died and two dozen people were injured as a result.
  • Wake County Democratic Party Annual Convention is held

    Read full story here The Wake County Democratic Party holds its annual convention. This year's focus was on schools.
  • Mayor Meeker announces that he won't seek re-election in October

    Read full story here Mayor Charles Meeker announces that he will not seek a re-election bid in the fall, leaving an open race in October.
  • Councilor McFarlane announces Mayoral bid

    Read full story here One day after longtime Mayor Charles Meeker announced that he would not seek re-election, Councilor Nancy McFarlane announces her plans for a mayoral bid.
  • School Board Approves Budget

    Read full story here The Wake County School Board narrowly approves Superintendant Anthony Tata's proposed $1.2 billion budget--including a $313.5 million lump sum appropriation request to the county, so it may allocate the money as it chooses.
  • City Taxi Drivers Threaten Strike, Seek Commission

    Read full story here The North Carolina Taxi Workers Alliance threatens a strike if the city does not correct issues forcing drivers to work for less than minimum wage. The group also called for the creation of a commission to advise the council on issues that affect the industry.
  • School Board Approves Redistricting Plan

    Read full story here The Wake County School Board approves new redistricting plan, which is required after each census.
  • School Board Cuts 174 Clerical Jobs

    Read full story here The Wake County School Board cuts 155 school-based clerical and 19 central services clerical positions as part of Superintendent Anthony Tata's budget proposal, set to save the district more than $5 million.
  • Superintendent Tata Unveils New Student Assignment Plans

    Read full story here Superintendent Anthony Tata unveils nine student assignment plans, with the Blue and Green plans as frontrunners.
  • City Committee Approves Tornado Relief Funds

    Read full story here The City Council's Budget and Economic Development Committee approved a measure to provide $400,000 to low-and moderate-income residents who have used all other financial means to repair tornado-damaged homes and bring them up to code.
  • City Council Creates Tornado Victim Loan Program

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    The city council set aside $400,000 to loan money to homeowners who do not have insurance and cannot find other assistance to repair homes damaged by April 16 storm.
  • County Adds Money to Elections Budget

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    The Wake County Board of Commissioners restored $83,000 to the county's Board of Elections budget after cuts in the county manager's proposed budget. Board of Elections Secretary Aida Havel argued for the $325,188 needed to fund 12 precincts, stating that they are required by statute to make such decisions.
  • Wake County Passes Budget

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    The Wake County Board of Commissioners passes the $952.1 million budget, a week after restoring $600,000 in cuts to community programs, the Board of Elections and a position for the county’s Cooperative Extension program.
  • Board of Elections Has “Statutory Responsibility” to Split Precincts

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    The Wake County Board of Elections considers getting a lawyer to obtain funds from the County Commission for 12 additional, needed precincts.
  • City Council Adopts Budget

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    The city council adopts a $660.8 million budget for the next fiscal year.
  • City Council Creates Creative District

    Read about the Creative District here
    The city council approves an economic development and rebranding initiative to attract businesses to the areas around N.C. State University.
  • Tedesco Elected School Board Vice-Chair after 56 Rounds

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    Conservative school board member John Tedesco is voted to Vice-Chair after 56 rounds of voting.
  • City Postpones UDO Public Hearing

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    The city council agrees to postpone the public hearing on the Unified Development Ordinance so the advisory group can work out concerns.
  • County Board of Elections Settles for Two Precincts

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    The Wake County Board of Elections backs off on its fight to create 12 districts, and settles for the two funded by the County Commission.
  • New County Commissioner Sworn In

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    Erv Portman is sworn in as the newest County Commissioner, filling the District 4 seat left by Stan Norwalk, who resigned May 2.
  • County Makes Cuts to Teacher Assistant Contracts

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    The Wake County Board of Education votes to shifts teacher assistants from 10-month to 9.25-month contracts, resulting in about a 7.5 percent salary reduction.
  • Planning Commission Approves Food Trucks Code Change

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    The Planning Commission approved a code change that would allow food trucks to park on private property.
  • School Board Makes New Discipline Policies

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    The Wake County Board of Education passes a massive overhaul of the district's code of student conduct, preventing long-term suspensions for relatively minor infractions.
  • Filing Begins for Raleigh and Wake County School Board Election Candidates

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    The filing period began for Raleigh city council, mayor and Wake County School Board.
  • Raleigh Chooses Downtown Light Rail Route

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    The city council chooses a downtown light rail route, which will run down West Morgan Street and Harrington Street and join at the CSX line to run west through the N.C. State University campus.
  • City Council Candidate Arrested

    Read full story hereDistrict C Candidate Lent Carr III is arrested by federal marshalls for violating parole.
  • Wake Republicans Endorse Redmond for Mayor

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    The Wake County Republican Party makes its endorsements for the October election, including Billie Redmond for mayor.
  • District C Candidate Removed From Ballot, Faces Possible Charges

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    District C Candidate Lent Carr III is taken off the ballot by the Wake County Board of Elections since he was still on probation when he filed to run. The case was sent to the District Attorney since he claimed that he was an eligible voter when he was not.
  • Earthquake in Virginia felt in Raleigh

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    A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hits central Virginia, with aftershocks that are felt in Raleigh.
  • Hurricane Irene Blows Through Raleigh

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    Hurricane Irene hits Raleigh, leaving little damage.
  • Wake Democrats Endorse McFarlane for Mayor

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    The Wake County Democratic Party made its endorsements for the October election this week, including its pick for Nancy McFarlane for mayor.
  • Bell Tower Merchants: No Notice on NCSU Hotel

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    N.C. State awards a contract to build a luxury hotel between Enterprise Street and Maiden Lane. Although business owners knew about the plans, they weren't given advanced notice before the news went public.
  • Food Trucks Allowed in Raleigh, With Conditions

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    After a year of debate, the city council votes to allow food trucks to operate in Raleigh, but the approval comes with some conditions.
  • Protest Held Over new William Peace University

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    A large protest is held over the announcment that the university will now become co-educational. Protestors say its not men's admittance they dislike, but changes they say will destroy the college’s educational reputation.
  • Hundreds Protest State Gay Marriage Amendment

    View our photo gallery here
    Hundreds of protestors rallied after the state legislature approved an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution banning same-sex marriage.
  • President Obama Visits N.C. State

    View our photo gallery here
    President Barack Obama visits N.C. State, talks about jobs to a packed house at Reynolds Coliseum.
  • Three Years on the Record

    Read our piece on the three-year anniversary here
    The Raleigh Public Record celebrates its three-anniversary.
  • St. Aug's to Get New Stadium

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    The city council unanimously approves a special-use permit for Saint Augustine's College to build a 2,500-seat stadium on their campus.
  • Red Light Camera Program Halted

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    The city council fails to pass the vote to extend the city's Red Light Camera Program, which captures drivers who run red lights on camera and sending a ticket by mail.
  • Red Light Camera Program Restored

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    After Councilor Eugene Weeks brings the issue back to the table, the city council re-votes to approves the city's Red Light Camera program.
  • Raleigh Gets New Mayor

    Check out our live blogging of the election here
    City Councilor Nancy McFarlane takes the helm as the next mayor, with Mary-Ann Baldwin and Russ Stephenson taking the two at-large seats, new councilor Randy Stagner for District A, incumbent Eugene Weeks for District C, and John Odom, Thomas Crowder and Bonner Gaylord returning to the Districts B, D and E seats, respectively. In the school board r
  • School Board Race Turns Into Runoff

    Read our live blogging of the election here
    In the race for Wake County Board of Education, the District 3 race turns into a run-off for Kevin Hill and Heather Losurdo. Keith Sutton wins for District 4, Jim Martin for District 5, Christine Kushner for District 6 and Susan Evans for District 8.
  • The Bonds Have It

    Read our live blogging of the election here
    Both the Housing and Transportation bonds are approved by voters.
  • Nineteen Arrested Following Occupy Rally

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    While the Occupy Wall Street movement picks up in New York City, Occupy Raleigh holds its first major rally at the Capitol. Nineteen protestors are arrested for remaining on Capitol grounds.
  • St. Aug's Football Field Opens

    Check out our photo gallery of the new stadium
    St. Augustine's College debuts its new football field, with the first game held on campus in 144 years. The University of San Diego Toreros played Campbell University.
  • Planning Commission Reduces Membership, Still Violates State Law

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    The Planning Commission agrees to reduce its membership from 12 to 11, but state law requires a reduction to nine.
  • Council Further Reduces Planning Commission Membership

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    The city council unanimously approves a Planning Commission membership reduction from 12 members to 10, but this reduction is still in violation of state law.
  • Iconic Acorn to Get Repairs

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    The city council agrees to pay the $3,400 bill to repair the acorn, used in the city's yearly First Night celebration. The monument was damaged in April's tornado.
  • County Loses Administrative Control of Mental Health Services

    <ahref='http://www.raleighpublicrecord.org/news/2011/11/08/wake-county-loses-administrative-control-of-mental-health-services/' >Read full story here</a>
    County Commissioners voted to merge their mental health services with the Durham Center. The county applied for a waiver in order to comply with a new state law, which requires all counties to drastically overhaul how they pay for mental health with Medicaid or face a outside takeover. The state rejected their application.
  • Democrats Gain Control of the School Board

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    Kevin Hill defeats Heather Losurdo in November's runoff race for District 3 of the School Board, giving Democrats control of the Board.
  • Occupy Raleigh's Park Permit Request Denied

    Read story on Occupy Raleigh's new camp hereRead full story here The city council denies Occupy Raleigh's request to set up camp in the park across from the municipal building, following denial from the Law and Public Safety Committee a week earlier. The committee encouraged them to seek private property, which they have since found at the corner of West and Edenton streets.
  • New Mayor, City Council Sworn In

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    New Mayor Nancy McFarlane, as well as the newest city council lineup, in sworn into office.
  • County Commissioners Re-elected

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    Commissioner Paul Coble is re-elected as chair of the Board of County Commissioners, as well as Phil Matthews as vice-chair.
  • City Approves Concealed Weapons Law, With Hesitation

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    The new city council approved a new gun law, making it legal to carry a concealed weapon in the city, in order to come into compliance with state law, with some city-owned parks being exempt. It was met with hesitation by some city councilors.
  • City Council Opposes Gay Marriage Amendment

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    The city council voted in favor of a public proclamation voicing its opposition against a state amendment that would make marriage between a man and a woman the only legal domestic union in North Carolina. Councilors Bonner Gaylord and John Odom opposed the measure.
  • New Democratic School Board Takes Power

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    New School Board members Jim Martin, Christine Kushner and Susan Evans, as well as returning members Kevin Hill and Keith Sutton, were sworn in.