2000s Timeline

  • XBOX 360 is introduced

    XBOX 360 is introduced
    The xbox 360 was launched worldwide across the world to allow gamers to play their favorite games and communicate with others.
  • Iphone was invented

    Iphone was invented
    The iPhone was created as a touchscreen cellular device that had so much technology and so many features to make everyone fall in love with one
  • Desktop computer

    Desktop computer
    The iPad was introduced as a large screen that provided many features from playing games, texting, movies, research, etc.
  • My favorite canon was released

    My favorite canon was released
    The Canon EOS 5DS was introduced and became an instant classic when it comes to overall camera use and quality
  • The MacBook Pro

    The MacBook Pro
    The MacBook Pro was one of the and still is one of the fastest computers which has a lot of amazing features most laptops don't have.