2010 Decade

  • iPad 2010

    Year : 2010
    Invention : iPad
    Inventor : Apple Inc.
    Description : The iPad is tablet computer that changed the way people started using technology . It featured touch screen and offered a lot of apps some we still use today which made it perfect for personal and business use.
  • Microsoft Kinect 2010

    Year : 2010
    Invention : Microsoft Kinect
    Inventor : Microsoft
    Description : The Microsoft Kinect was a motion-sensing device that allowed users to interact with computer console with out having to use a control. It enhancedour lived by providing its motion sensor abilities,people with disabilities were able to play without a controller. Healthcare also adopted it for physical therapy it was able to track movement progression
  • Raspberry Pi 2012

    Year : 2012
    Invention : Raspberry Pi
    Inventor : Eben Upton
    Description : The Raspberry Pi was a low cost credit card size computer that was designed to promote the teaching of basic computer. It enhanced our lives by giving us an affordable way to learn the basics on computers and create on it.
  • Oculus Rift 2012

    Year : 2012
    Invention : Oculus Rift
    Inventor : Palmer Luckey
    Description : The Oculus Rift was a VR headset that allowed users to engage in virtual environments. It was designed primarily for gaming but its potential applications go far beyond entertainment, virtual classes, virtual meeting, healthcare, and more. It has enhanced our future because we can be many different places at once with a VR headset with out leaving the comfort of our homes.
  • Amazon Echo 2014

    Year : 2014
    Invention : Amazon Echo
    Inventor : Amazon.com, Inc.
    Description : The Amazon Echo is a voice activated smart speaker that enhances our daily lives by providing hands free access to maps, music, weather, and other information, as well as allowing us to control home devices through voice commands, making our lives easier.