• USB Flashdrive

    USB Flashdrive
    USB flash drives replaced floppy drives and optical discs. This has helped us save our files more efficiently. It was invented by Dov Moran.
  • Ipod

    A handheld device used to play music for its users. The iPod changed the company Apple forever as it helped them create iTunes as well as other inventions later on like the IPad and the iPhone. The inventor of the. iPod was Steve Jobs.
  • BlackBerry

    It was a phone first of its kind that had the ability to call, text, and email all in one. I remember my parents would use them very frequently. The inventors were Mike Lazadaris and Douglas Fregin.
  • PSP

    My first ever handheld gaming system. I took it everywhere I went. This helped revolutionize gaming as it was released years after Gameboy's first debut back in 1989. The inventor was Sony.
  • Kindle

    Kindle revolutionized the way people read books. Kindle allowed their users to read any book they pleased that was converted to a digital format. The inventor of this product is Amazon and Jeff Bezos.