Development Of A Mini You

Timeline created by madisyn.eggers
  • 2 years

    2 years
    Say short phrases(P)
    Brushes teeth with help (S)
    Will say if they need a diaper change (S)
    Is understandable about 50% of the time (S)
  • 2.5 years

    2.5 years
    Likes pretend play (I)
    Jumps in place (P)
    Might ask what and where questions (S)
    Might refer to themselves as their own name (I)
  • 2.5 years -

    2.5 years -
    Balance of foot for short amount of time (P)
    Name a friend (I)
    Do simple puzzles (I)
    Potty trained in the day (I)
  • 3 years

    3 years
    Plays make believe (S)
    Catch a ball (P)
    Takes turns when playing (S)
    Ask “why” (S)
  • 3 years -

    3 years -
    Stand on one leg (P)
    Talk more fluently (S)
    Get better at naming colors (I)
    Complete easy puzzles (I)
  • 3.5 years

    3.5 years
    Kick and throw balls (P)
    Walk forwards and backwards (P)
    Help put on and take off clothes (P)
    Tells stories (S)
  • 3.5- years

    3.5- years
    Catches bounced balls (P)
    Pours and cuts with supervision (P)
    Names some numbers (I)
    Plays some board games (I)
    Understands the idea of counting (I)
  • 4 years

    4 years
    Use a fork and spoon correctly (P)
    Count ten or more objects (I)
    Says bigger sentences (S)
    May write their own name (I)
  • 4 years -

    4 years -
    Speak clearly (S)
    Understands the concept of time (I)
    Greater attention span (I)
    Do somersaults (P)
    Pedal a tricycle (P)
  • 4.5

    Rather play with other kids (S)
    Can normally tell what’s real and make believe (E)
    Talks about what they like (S)
    Hops and stands on one leg longer (P)
  • 4.5 years -

    4.5 years -
    Knows their address (I)
    Name more colors (I)
    Know the time (I)
    Mostly do what their told
  • 5 years

    5 years
    Show independence (I)
    Enjoys playing dress-up (I)
    Swings and climbs (P)
    Uses toilet by themselves (P)