19th century reforms

  • Industrial Revolution

    Along with social reforms, tecnological reforms were occuring as well as the change from hand production led to machine production, creating more comodities much cheaper, allowing goods to reach families and social classes that otherwise would not have been able to offord such comodities.
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    Reform Movements of the 19th century

  • Ralf Waldo Emerson

    The best known transcendentalist writer of the 19th century. His essays and lectures expressed the individualistic mood of the period.
    Exampes include "The American Soldier" given at harvard college in 1837.
  • Temprance Movement

    Protostant ministers and others began to adrees the severity of alcohol consumption. These ministers asked converts to not only moderate their drink but to exclude it entirely
  • Willaim Loyd Garrisions The Liberator

    Mark the begining of the radical abolitionist movement. The uncompromising Garrison advocate immediate abolition of slavery in every state and territory without comensating slave holders.
  • Dorothea Dix and her crusade for mental health institutions

    Dorothea Dix began advocating for the mentally ill, by founding mental health institutions across the nation.
  • Horace Mann and Education reform

    Horace Mann was the main advocator for the educational reform where public school were opened in the hopes of improving the numbers of the uneducated in America
  • Seneca Falls Convention