1990-2000 Computer Inventions

  • 1990 Created HTML ( start of the World Wide Web)

    Www.computerhope.com - Tim Bernes-Lee w/Robert Callilua created html.
  • 1992- Adobe Photoshop and Windows created

    Microsoft released and invented Adobe photoshop and Windows. This has complete enhanced our lives because Windows is on every computer today and you have to have windows to go on the internet.
  • 1994 - World Wide Web created

    According to www.computerhope.com - the World Wide Web was invented and released by Tim Bernes-Lee. We would not be on our smart phone able to have the internet at our fingertips, if the web was not invented.
  • 1996- ActiveSync Invented

    Microsoft created ActiveSync. This is so important and has enhanced us today because it allows mail, calendar, contacts, to synchronize with our mobile device.
  • 1997- Microsoft Excel Invented

    In 1997, Microsoft Excel was released. This has enhanced our lives severely. Businessses around the world use it and even for personal finances. It helps all of us stay organized and created so much.