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In Film
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    War between Oceania and Eurasia that doesn’t seem to seize.
  • Rebellion

    In order to rebel against the party Winston sleeps with a Prostitute.
  • O’Brien

    The “Two Minute Hate” starts. During that time Winston notices O’Brien and mistakes that he is on his side.
  • Diary

    Winston begins writing in his illegal diary hiding away from members of the “party” https://www.orwelltoday.com/diary.shtml
  • BIG brother

    BIG brother
    Winston writes in his diary. “ DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”
  • ' Meet

    ' Meet
    Winston has lunch with Parsons and Syme
  • Julia

    Strange girl passes a note saying “ I LOVE YOU” to Winston leading to night dreams about her.
  • Julia and Winston agree to meet

    Julia and Winston agree to meet
    Winston and Julia meet , talk in the canteen and later meet up in the square.
  • Progress

    , Winston and Julia have sex in the forest. Winston eventually finds out that her name is Julia. Meanwhile she already knows all about him.
  • Secret

    Julia and Winston rent a room above Mr charrington’s shop where they meet often out of site from the public.
  • Syme vaporize

    Syme vaporize
  • Regrets

    Winston starts to constantly dream about his family( sister and Mother). Regretting the way he treated them and eventually left them.
  • War

    Oceania’s enemy suddenly changes from Eurasia to Eastasia despite always being at war with Eurasia.
  • Brotherhood

    Winston meets O’Brien where they talk about the “Brotherhood”. O’Brien convinces Winston to join the Brotherhood, a false group.
  • Mistake

    Winston and Julia meets O’Brien together for the first time. Winston and Julia agree to come clean to O’Brien about everything.
  • Arrest

    Julia and Winston get caught and captured by the thought police which include Mr O’Brien. It then became clear to Winston that he was never on his side. https://youtu.be/H9ipRaLa4Jw
  • Brainwash

    Winston is brainwashed and forced to answer questions and made to agree to things
  • Torture

    Winston is tortured and confronted with carnivorous rats by O’Brein were he is led to betray Julia in Room 101. https://youtu.be/UmAVyowgDVE
  • Freedom?

    Winston gets out of the ministry of love.
  • Back

    He meets Julia outside withholding no feeling between either of them , they are brought back to the party where the act like nothing ever happened. https://study.com/academy/lesson/1984-ending-analysis.html
  • The End

    The End
    Winston loves big brother. He finds out that the thought police have been monitoring him for 7 years. https://study.com/academy/lesson/1984-ending-analysis.html