1980's Timeline

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    1980's Timeline

  • Embargo on the Soviet Union

  • Ted Turner Establishes CNN

  • Assassination Attempt on the Pope

  • New Plague Identified as AIDS

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commissioned

  • Falkland Islands Invaded by Argentina

  • U.S. Embassy in Beirut Bombed

  • Soviets Shoot Down a Korean Airliner

  • PG-13 Movie Rating Created

  • Huge Poison Gas Leak in Bhopal, India

  • Famine in Ethiopia

  • A Hole in the Ozone Layer was Discovered

  • U.S.S.R. Launches Mir Space Station

  • The US bombs Libya

  • West German Pilot Lands Unchallenged in Russia's Red Square

  • Massive Decommission of Nuclear Weapons

  • Immigration Amnesty Issued

  • Pan Am Crash in Lockerbie, Scotland

  • Students Massacred in China's Tiananmen Square, along with Protests

  • Berlin Wall Falls