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    List of notable advancements in technology from the 1970s
  • Floppy Disc

    Floppy Disc- inventor Alan Shugart from IBM Floppy Discs created compact, mobile storage device for saving digital data. So impactful that even though we dont use them anymore it is still used as the Save Icon on our computers today.
  • Pong

    Inventor- Allan Alcorn The first real video game Video gaming has only improved since pong to the point where video gaming is now taken to a professional level.
  • Digital Wristwatch

    Inventor- Hamilton Digital Wristwatch allowed for a digital display and time keeping device that did not rely on gears today Digital wristwatches have changed to wear we can have digital computers on our wrists.
  • Cellphone

    Inventor Martin Cooper The cellphone allowed for mobile audio communication that was handheld. This changed how we communicate today where nearly every person has their own personal cell phone to communicate with.
  • The All-in-one personal Computer

    inventor- Steve Wazniak this computer brought the power of computers into the everyday person's home. with the Growth of personal computers we have moved to having more powerful computers, laptops and even smartphones.