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  • US attempt at rescue of Hostages in Tehran

    US attempt at rescue of Hostages in Tehran
    Called Operation Eagle Claw, president jimmy carter attempted to end the Iran hostage crisis by 52 people held captive.
  • Death of John Lennon

    Death of John Lennon
    John Lennon was shot and killed in the archway of the Dakota.
  • Ryan White

    Ryan White
    He was diagnosed with AIDS following a blood transfusion.
  • Hands Across America

    Hands Across America
    approximately 6.5 million people held hands for fifteen minutes in an attempt to form a continuous human chain across the contiguous United States.
  • The Central Park Five

    The Central Park Five
    the assault and rape of Trisha Meili, and attacks on others in Manhattan's Central Park. The attack on the jogger left her in a coma for 12 days.