Danny & Courtney! :)

  • Danny & Courtney talk to each other...

    via Facebook! :)
  • Courtney's Birthday Party

    (and breakdown... and 6 hour phone call with Danny)
  • I love you...

  • I REALLY love you...

  • The Rooftop Fiasco

    ...sweetest thing ever; one of my favorite memories of all time
  • Our First Fourth

    Enjoyable despite the sloppy joe illness :(
  • Courtney moves in with Danny!

    unofficially. haha
  • Our First Halloween

    And the best one to this date.
  • Thanksgiving

    I'm very thankful to have Danny in my life :)
  • Courtney leaves for Austin

  • Danny leaves for Utah

  • Christmas Eve/ Present Exchange

    Danny is romantic and makes an amazing promise. Courtney is superficial and gives Danny a chair.
  • Christmas Day

    Danny and Courtney go to Danny's Uncle's (?) house...
  • Happy New Year

    With friends @ Danny's house... & tons of Guitar Hero

  • Wedding!

    true love. sighhh