1950's to Now Music

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  • George Assang (stage name Vic Sabrino)

    Released a version of Heartbreak Hotel simultaneously with Elvis Presley’s
  • Rock Around The Clock

    First Rock n Roll exploitation film released in Australia, teenagers embraces this music and rebelled against their families values
  • Period: to

    Australian Music

  • Bill Haley's Tour

  • Johnny O'Keefe

    Pioneered a live rock n roll circuit of suburban dances- The Wild One
  • Surf Music

    Sydney band The Atlantics created huge local hit Bombora, created surf bands everywhere

    1962/3 launched the next phase of Australian music, suddenly surf bands were everywhere, playing suburban dances, imitating Britain’s Shadows, and having teenage boys clamouring for guitars so they could be cool. CBS/HMV began investing in the surf music
  • The Beat Boom

    The Beatles tour revolutionised Australian music industry, teenagers across the country demanded records and live concerts. Suburban dances gave acts like The Easybeats, Ray Brown, the Whispers, The Twilights, Master Apprentices, Bobby and Laurie, The Loved Ones, Normie Rowe, The Playboys, Tony Worsley and the Blue Jays the opportunity to make a career in music.
  • The Easybeats and Normie Rowe

    Moved to England to cry and crack the international market, followed by The Twilights. Easybeats- ‘Friday on My Mind’ in 1966, voted best Australian song of all time in 2001. Normie Rowe recorded a number of song sin London that were huge hits back in Australia. The Twilights were recording at the famous Abbey Road, at the same time The Beatles were recording ‘Penny Lane’
  • Countdown and Double J started

    New range of acts replaced the beat boom veterans, such as Tully, Tamam Shud and Levi Smith’s Clegs reflected changes in society as drug use and alternative lifestyles mirrored overseas trends. Festivals like Ourimbah and Sunbury became gatherings of the young. Countdown started on 8 November 1974, the show made stars of acts such as Skyhooks, Sherbet and John Paul Yong, while alternative bands such as Cold Chisel and Midnight Oil made careers from resister Countdown’s star making.
  • Double J started broadcasting

    Committed to alternative music and challenging the commercial monopoly on rock, they broadcast the song ‘You Just Like Me ‘Cos I’m good in Bed’ by the Skyhooks which had been banned by commercial radio.
  • Double J became Triple J

    The FM band was finally opened for radio broadcasting
  • Exodus of Australian Music

    Had a genuine global impact. Bands like The Go- Betweeners developed a cult following across Europe and North America. In their blaze, other bands have developed world wide recognition.
  • Music is a major contributor to the Australian economy

    Music- related activities added $1.55 billion value to the Australian economy in 1985-85
  • Triple J because a national network

    The Whitlam dream of a national youth radio was finally realised. Triple J payed a crucial role in championing Australian music, often playing music that commercial radio programmers deemed unsuitable.