1950s CANADA

  • Volunteers in the Canadian Army Special Force joined the United Nations forces in the Korean conflict.

  • Period: to

    1950s canada

  • The red river floods forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes

  • Former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King died in Kingsmere

  • First television made in canada (CBFT)

  • The National Library was created in Ottawa on January 1.

  • Stratford Festival opened on July 13

  • Korean War ended on July 27

  • Toronto opened Canada's first subway system in Toronto on March 31.

  • Marilyn Bell became the first person to swim across Lake Ontario on September 9.

  • 16 year old Marilyn Bellswims across lake Ontario

  • Hockey fans rioted in Montreal following the suspension of favourite Rocket Richard on March 17.

  • Lester Pearson wins the nobel peace prize

  • PM John Diefenbaker's minority government went on to become the largest majority government ever obtained in a federal election on March 31.

  • Despite public outcry and protest, Diefenbaker cancelled the Avro Arrow project (CF-105 aircraft) on February 20. Almost 14,000 Canadians suddenly became unemployed.

  • The St. Lawrence Seaway opened to traffic on June 26, allowing ocean-going ships and tankers to travel inland to both Canadian and American ports on the upper and lower Great Lakes.