loopy life

  • crash

    I was riding my bike down a hill that was really steep and there was a whole in the ground I couldnt stop so I crashed in2 a tree.
  • stiches

    it was a jolly christmas morning and i was playing on the 4wheelers then everybody was arivingfd at my gs house
  • race

    I went 2 a dirtbike race and got 2 place but i also fell on my face
  • fun in the sun

    I went on vacation to seaworld and got wet raelly wet

    it was almost my 1st day of school pretyy scary
  • scared

    today in school my taecher almost bit my head off
  • end

    school is coming to an end and iv been the class clown i dont think im funny just annoying
  • new day

    school started i tryed to be the class clown didnt work
  • most lonelest day

    everybody left at school all by bmy self
  • fun

    had the coolest feild trip ever to houstin
  • raelly lonley

    everybody was on a trip to mexico y i stayed at home all by my self
  • butt kiick

    1st day of school they put a kjick me sighn and hurt me THE END