1900's technology

  • The Vacuum

    The Vacuum
    In 1901 the vacuum was born an invention that changed the way most people cleaned their houses making it more efficient in time -made by Hubert Cecil Booth
  • The Air Conditioner

    The Air Conditioner
    In 1902 the air conditioner arose making it nice and cool for us it has saved so many lives from heatstroke on the daily -the first model was made by Willis Haviland Carrier
  • The Helicopter

    The Helicopter
    In 1939 the helicopter was produced, helicopters are used to make traveling easier and let us have eyes in sky when needed, -designed by Igor Sikorsky and built by the Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Division of the United Aircraft Corporation
  • Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones
    In 1940 Mobile phones were made into existence not exactly the phones we have now days, but more like two-way radios, these helped emergency situations and people to contact emergency services -made by Martin Cooper
  • The 1st Computer

    The 1st Computer
    In 1943 the first computer named Colossus was invented which was also the 1st computer you could actually program! Which was used to help the British decode and read encrypted German messages during WWII -born from the hands of Tommy Flowers