1870-1920 Timeline of Inventions

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    Timespan of Inventions

  • Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone. It was created so that you could transmit speech electrically.
  • Electric Light Bulb

    Electric Light Bulb
    Thomas Edison created the electric light bulb. The purpose was to have light without fire.
  • Fountian Pen

    Fountian Pen
    It was created by Lewis Waterman. It was designed to carry its own supply of ink.
  • Coca Cola

    Coca Cola
    It was invented by Dr. John Pemberton. Its first purpose was to be used as medicine. Now it is a beloved soft drink.
  • Handheld Camera

    Handheld Camera
    The handheld camera was invented by George Eastmen the purpose was to capture memories and pictures more effieciently.
  • Ferris Wheel

    Ferris Wheel
    It was invented by George Ferris for the purpose of entertainment.
  • Radio

    It was invented by Gugliemo Marconi so you could listen too shows and news casts.
  • Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy
    It was invented by William Morrison and John C. Wharton in Nashville, Tennessee. It was originally called fairy floss. It is an airy-sugary treat.
  • Air Conditioner

    Air Conditioner
    The air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier who graduated from Cornell University. I was made for a printing company in Brooklyn for the purpose of cooling the paper after it was printed.
  • Crayons

    They were invented by Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith in Easton, PA. It was made for the purpose of safely and neatly coloring for children.
  • Airplane

    The airplane was created by the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The purpose was to be able to travel long distances at faster speeds.
  • Talking Motion Picture

    Talking Motion Picture
    It was invented by The Warner Brothers for the purpose of entertainment you can hear on a screen.