1854-1800 Women in History

  • Period: to

    Marriage in the colonies

    Back coutnry people practiced a tradition of "abduction".In this tradition the groff would steal the bride, usually wiht her agreement. Andrew jackson even practiced this tradtition.
    Puritans believed that marriage was a civil contract and had many other marriage believes that included a courting stick, bundling and allowed divorce.
    African Americans used to jump the brooom to seal the union.
    Many years were spend boaring many children!
    Quakers Brides would reject groom at the last minute.
  • American Women Take a Stand

    In the year leading to the American Revolution there was a great uproar pertaining to the many taxes and laws imposed on Americans. Many Americans took action against these inforcements, including women. Homemakers of the time protested against Britain by boycotting tea and British made clothing. Some women took dfferent approaches by activly producing copies of the Declaration of Independence. Women played an active role in protesting against British control.
  • Period: to

    America's War For Independence

    During the hard time of the war many American women step up to the plate and took control of the family and preformed many jobs usually left for the men to do. Also, They heled fight the war by caring for injured soldiers and even taking their places. Women also took action against merchants who were accused of withholding goods for the market until there price raised, offered homespun goods and passed along information.
  • Ladies association

    Ester Reed and Sarah Franklin Bache established the Ladies association together, They raised fund to help American soldiers. They called upon American women to elect a "treasuress" in each country to collect money and send it on to the governors wife. These brave ladies thoguht that the Revolution was pushing women into public activism.
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  • Margaret Corbin

    Corbin replaced a gunner in a battlle, who was shop and injureds, then later on in the battle she was shot herself.
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  • Mary McCauly

    mary is more commonly known as Molly Pitcher. She took her husbands place at a connon when he was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth. Then she became a noncommissioned officer.
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  • Lucy Knox

  • Mercy Otis Warren

    Mercy was James Warren's wife. She activly encouraged the revolutionary cause in her poems, draas and by later publishing a history of the struggles that Americans endured in their fight for independence.
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  • Quaker Women

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    During the period of fighting a group of quaker women petitioned congress against mistreating men who did not take the oath of loyalty.
    Later on, after the war they hoped that lawmakers wouldt be offended by their request.
  • Abigail Adams

    John Adam's wife during the Revolutionary period. She had a "shrewd analyst of punlic affairs." She also thought that men should give up the title of master in the household for a kinder,gentler one of friend.
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  • Freedom

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    Women's freedom was entirely based on their husband. Their husband determined their place in society aswell as the freedoms they enjoyed. The government did not offer women full rights because they were considered to be "submissive and irrational therefor not good citizenship canidates.
  • Deborah Sampson

    Sampson was a part of the generation to whom the Revolutionary War fully affected. She was the daughter of a poor farm in Massachusetts. She displayed her loyalty to his great nation by dress as a man an enlisting the Continental Army. She fought in many battle and cared for her own injury. Her commanding officer did discover her secret but he kept it to him self. She was honorably discharged at the end of the war, and awarded a soldiers pension.
  • Mrs. Martin

    During the war Mrs. Martin and her Husband remained Loyalist, so the courts seized their private property. later they returned the land to James martin in lue of the fact that Mrs. Martin owned the land and could not be punished for following her husbands lead, afterall it was in the nature of women to be submissive.
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  • Republican Motherhood

    This was a believe that strictly pertained to women. As mothers they were training future American citizens, which was very important to the growth of a newly freed nation. As mothers were supposed to offer their children political wisdom, which ment that women had to be educated. This system also provied for compassionate marriages that were based on a voluntary union between two individuals that were in love. This also did not offer women a direct poltical involvment.