• Balleret hook

    Miners used the Ballaret hook. It was used to be safer when mining. Before it was dangerous because when the miners were in the mine the buckets would some times fall so the Ballaret hook helped it not fall as Afton happen as.
  • Submarine Armor

    Submarine armor was designed to protect a sub when it went super deep. If you go too deep without armor, subs would break because of the pressure.
  • Sewing Machine

    People were sad because they wanted to sew faster, so Isaac Merrit Singer invented the sewing machine because they needed to sew a lot at the time.
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    Safty Pin

    The safety pin was a pin that clipped onto itself. It did this so people did not get poked.
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    The Fugitive Slave Act

    The Fugitive Slave Act was when the enslaved people had to be returned to the enslaver if they were caught. A lot of people didn't agree with this act, and it was one of the things that led to the Civil War.
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    The First Dishwasher

    Joel Houghton invented the first dishwasher. It cleaned dishes so people did not have to.