1800-1900 Inventions

  • Count Allessandro Volta/ Battery

    This battery is used a lot today and is a very popular invention in the 1800’s.
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    1800-1900 INventions

  • Richard Trevithick/steam powered locomotive

    This invention led to more efficient transportation.
  • Samuel Fahnestock /Soda fountain

    This invention gave people drinks that’s easy to get and made it a lot faster.
  • John walker/ modern matches

    This made it easier for people to start fires. So it was easier to heat up food, and light lamps, etc.
  • W.A. Burt/ Typewriter

    This made writing newspapers and letters faster and more readable.
  • Frenchmen, Barthelemy Thimonnier/ Sewing Machine

    Produce clothes and fabrics faster and more efficient and could sell more of them, which means brought more money.