18 Religious developments, English colonies

  • Protestants

    Immigrated to the New World mainly in Virginia, under the church of england. During the early years of the colony religious laws were very harsh and formed a supportive basis for the church of england in America.
  • Puritans

    Puritans immigrated to the new world after attempts to reform the church of england at home had failed. They came to set an example of a utopian society (a city on a hill) to prove to the church of england the reforms they offered would have worked, the church took no notice.
  • Catholics

    Came to the new world to avoid persecution in England, hence the name Maryland.
  • Act of Toleration

    When the protestants took over the catholic colony in therms of population, they were able to pass a bill that tollerated all christians, but killed everybody that did not belive in Jesus.
  • Quakers

    Immigrated to Rhode Island, and then to Pennsylvannia under the governship of William Penn who created a freindly and open environment for religious tolerence.
  • Period: to

    Great Awakening

    Religios revival led by protestant ministers leading to a greater interest in religion
  • Lutherans

    Immigrated to Pennsylvannia due to open religious laws in the region.