1750-1918 major event

By demoja
  • the theory of population

    Thomas Malthus was a priest and a economic professor. he had developed the theory of population
  • boston tea party

    when the english put a tax price on tea but the americans did not like this so they got all the tea and put it in the ocean
  • steam engine

    James Watts steam engine was the first portable one and required 75% less coal then Newcombs. it was used to power factories
  • american declaration of independence

    the american declaration of inpedendence announces the american colonies independence from great brittain. the commitee that drafted the declaration were. Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, Robert R Livingston and Jhon Adams.
  • war of independence

    the emericans drove out the british so they could be their own seperate nation
  • the first fleet

    in 1788 the first fleet arrives in botany bay that started the british settlement in Australia.
  • french revolution

    the out break of the french revolution started as a consequence of the high price of bread prices and dissatisfaction with the king who levied high taxes to support extravagant lifestyles
  • the declaration of rights

    the declaration was written up so men and other citizens had more rights
  • reign of terror

    the reign of terror started when Louis XI was killed by a guillotine and if people didnt like how the country was being run they would of been killed the same way as Louis
  • the battery

    Alessandro Volta invents a battery that can store electrical current. the unit of electric potential, volt, was named after him
  • the revolution ends

    in 1804 Nepoleon had been crowned emperor of France
  • textile workers

    textile workers smash machiners in factories in England because they think it will take their jobs
  • transport

    with the invention of the steam engine the first passenger railway was made in 1825 it went between Stockton and Darlton. five years after that a secon railway was made for Liverpool and Manchester
  • train

    George Stephenson builds the first passenger railway between Liverpool and Manchester.
  • colt .45

    the first colt brand guns were made and started with the colt .45
  • gold rush

    Edward Hargraves discovers gold in Bathurst in NSW and started the Australian gold rush
  • federation

    federation of Australia the six colonies form one nation
  • titanic

    the titanic had sunk on its first and last trip when it hit an iceberg on its way to America
  • world war 1

    serbian natialests killed arch duke ferdinandand and starts world war 1
  • end of the war

    world war 1 ends with the allies defeting the german empire