17 Andrew Jackson Administration

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    Nullification Crisis

    The governor of South Carolina felt as though he and his state could nullify a federal law if they didn’t like it, treating it like a buffet of things they do like, which they could take, and things they didn’t like which they could leave. He felt compelled to do so because he considered the federal tariff laws to be unfair to southerners that had to import European manufactured goods for their plantations. In response to this, Jackson threatened military action against South Carolina, saying th
  • Election

    The west and south were discontented with the election of adams and the Jackson campaign knew it. They used it to their advantage but reached to far when they began to personally attack adams's wife of being born out of wedlock and they then retaliated by callingJackson's wife an adulturer. Jackson won.
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    Spoils Sytem

    The spoils system was brought into effect by the Jackson Administration as one part of the many ways he sought to reduce corruption and increase party loyalty for many years to come. Although Jackson did not come up with the idea behind the spoils system he was the first to have the system be done on such a large scale. Even after his presidency, the practice continued, encouraged by the first large scale use of the system by a president.
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    Indian Removal

    Jackson was a great proponent for the removal of Indians from the land that settlers wanted to move west onto. With the pressure from the Supreme Court case Worchester v. Georgia stated that Georgia could not impose its laws on the Indian tribes, Jackson used it in an attempt to have a removal treaty signed by the Cherokee Indians. Due to confusion from within the Indian tribes, they thought their ideas were being considered until US troops forced the tribes to go to Oklahoma.
  • Peggy Eaton Affair

    Peggy o Neil Eaton was the wife of the secretary of state. She was the target of gossipers around the town, many of which were the wives of other secretaries. Jackson attempted to force the other secretaries to invite her, this led to a massive series of massive resignations of secretaries .
  • National Bank

    Jackson was heavily opposed to the national bank for a litany of reasons many of which can be summed up into the fact that he did not want to concentrate the wealth of many into the hands of so few. Jackson also disliked the bank as he was from what was considered the west, Tennessee, and he saw the bank as favoring the industrialized North East and the bankers that primarily funded that area. In 1832 he took the opportunity to not renew the bank’s charter and forced its closing.
  • National Bank

    After the closing of the national bank many smaller "pet" banks took the role of the national bank. Since the national bank issued bonds the smaller banks did so as well to fill the gap, this was done in an epitome of the Ad-Hoc bill printing methods causing extreme inflation. The problem was compounded when the specie circular was put into effect to stop land prices from increasing exponentially due to speculation and rampant inflation.
  • National Bank

    This caused land prices to collapse, popping the property and inflationary fuelled bubble causing a massive depression that swept across the nation for many years to come.