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Major Music Composers

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach
    Johann Sebastian Bach born, 21 March, at Eisenach. Youngest child of Johann Ambrosius Bach, town and court musician, and his wife Maria Elisabetha, ne Lmmerhirt. Baptised, 23 March.
  • Joseph Haydn

    Joseph Haydn
    Haydn died in 1809, after twice dictating his recollections and preparing a catalogue of his works. He was widely revered, even though by then his music was old-fashioned compared with Beethoven's.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    He showed musical gifts at a very early age, composing when he was five and when he was six playing before the Bavarian elector and the Austrian empress.
  • Gioachino Antonio Rossini

    Gioachino Antonio Rossini
    (February 29, 1792 %u2013 November 13, 1868) was a popular Italian composer who created 39 operas as well as sacred music and chamber music.
  • Franz Schubert

    Franz Schubert
    The son of a schoolmaster, he showed an extraordinary childhood aptitude for music, studying the piano, violin, organ, singing and harmony and, while a chorister in the imperial court chapel, composition with Salieri (1808-13).
  • Hector Berlioz

    Hector Berlioz
    As a boy he learnt the flute, guitar and, from treatises alone, harmony (he never studied the piano); his first compositions were romances and small chamber pieces. After two unhappy years as a medical student in Paris (1821-3) he abandoned the career chosen for him by his father and turned decisively to music, attending Le Sueur's composition class at the Conservatoire
  • Franz Liszt

    Franz Liszt
    Born on October 22, 1811 in Raiding (then Doborjn) Hungary Franz Liszt was soon recognized to be a child prodigy at the age of six.
  • Niccol Paganini

    Niccol Paganini
    he remarkable international career of Niccol Paganini regarded in legend as the greatest virtuoso violinist ever did not begin until relatively late in life.